Manifold Finance - Connect to better opportunities
Manifold Finance - Connect to DeFi Opportunities


Making the connections to protocols and people for DeFi opportunities.

Seamless Integration

From Sushiswap to OlympusDAO, some of the biggest names in DeFi are already using Manifold to leverage MEV to their advantage.


SecureRPC provides an aggregated connection to endpoints like Flashbots, Eden Network, etc.

Eth2 Validators

With our newly upgraded staking protocol we now provide ETH2 Validators with a direct source of MEV profits.

Credible Neutrality

OpenMEV operates its mechanisms so that it does not discriminate for or against any specific user.

Capital Pathfinder

Connecting capital to the best opportunities

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OpenMEV: MEV Profits for Everyone

OpenMEV enables protocols to not only protect their users it also maximizes returns by recapturing arbitrage profit back to the protocol.

Spotlight: Sushiswap

Sushiswap recently launched its SushiGuard router to protect and incentivize the Sushi Protocol through additional profits by using OpenMEV.

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ETH, AVAX, and more

MEV Returns for Validators

FOLD v2 Markets soon

Why stake when you can lend? FOLD v2 will replace the existing staking protocol, with an enhanced lending market making your FOLD holdings productive assets through our vault platform.

Liquid Staking

Lido is the premier Ethereum staking pool provider. We provide MEV Boost infrastructure under offer for their validator staking services. Combined with OpenMEV, we are able to offer a high-performing, low-cost, and secure solution for Ethereum Validators.

Capital optimized stakingRestaking enables additional opportunities
96%+Ethereum Validators
120m+FOLD Market Volume
Supports: Flashbots, Eden Network, Ethermine
Recapture MEV back to your end users, seamlesslyProtection from arbitrage to trade optimization. Privacy, reduced slippage, reduced rejection rate, and features like Account Abstraction support make SecureRPC more than an ordinary web3 provider - its a web3 enabler.
Seamless slashing, volatility and uptime hedge
Block Optionality makes slashing risk nearly zero.Block Optionality means a portion of all blocks produced by Manifold are auctioned off as a forward deliverable contract to end-users like MEV Searchers, Traders, Institutions, etc.
Continuously optimize fees and incentives in your protocol

Resist the tempting abstractions and false prophets: the only prophet that brings more profits to your protocol.

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Confidence in incentives

Ensure your earned surplus is being allocated optimally to maximize returns for Stakeholders and LPs.

Protocol driven optimization

Use recaptured MEV to optimize protocol incentives and drive gains to your most important metrics. Always incentive aligned to protocol.

*Except provided in situations where players are sufficiently patient, there exists a Nash Equilibrium where collision may arise.