Manifold Finance - Connecting Capital to DeFi
Manifold Finance - Connect to DeFi Opportunities


Making the connections to protocols and people for DeFi opportunities.

Seamless Integration

From Sushiswap to OlympusDAO, some of the biggest names in DeFi are already using Manifold to leverage MEV to their advantage.


SecureRPC provides an aggregated connection to endpoints like Flashbots, Eden Network, etc.

Eth2 Validators

With our newly upgraded staking protocol we now provide ETH2 Validators with a direct source of MEV profits.

Credible Neutrality

OpenMEV operates its mechanisms so that it does not discriminate for or against any specific user.

Capital Pathfinder

Connecting capital to the best opportunities

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OpenMEV v3

OpenMEV represents the next generation of auction design and is backwards compatible with MEV Boost.

mevETH & Yearn

mevETH is now part of Yearn Finance's yETH vault. This means that you can earn rewards from multiple protocols in one vault.

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+30,000 ETH Staked

MEV Protocol


mevETH is a liquid staking protocol that focuses on improving MEV extraction to increase rewards for its validator set. We provide infrastructure under offer for their validator staking services.

Vault Liquid Staking

mevETH utilizes the ERC4626 Vault contract to provide a liquid staking solution for ETH. This allows users to stake their ETH and receive rewards through a non-rebasing ERC4626 Vault.

Relay optimized stakingManifold Relay connected validators
700m+Combined Validator Set
mevETH and Frax
Frax and mevETH ValidatorsManifold's new MEV Relay is being used by Frax and mevETH. OpenMEV Auction starts January 2023.
Rollup based, Scalable and Secure
OpenMEV AuctionBlock Optionality means a portion of all blocks produced by Manifold are auctioned off as a forward deliverable contract to end-users like MEV Searchers and Builders.
Continuously optimize fees and incentives in your protocol

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Confidence in incentives

Ensure your earned surplus is being allocated optimally to maximize returns for Stakeholders and LPs.

Protocol driven optimization

Use recaptured MEV to optimize protocol incentives and drive gains to your most important metrics. Always incentive aligned to protocol.

*Except provided in situations where players are sufficiently patient, there exists a Nash Equilibrium where collision may arise.