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Platform and API overview

Manifold Finance enables and provides access to high-value transaction pools on EVM compatible chains, through our infrastructure: SecureRPC. We aggregate multiple endpoints along with maintaining direct access to disparate mining pools/validator nodes.

In short, we believe that access to transaction sets will be the defining advantage for block builders in Ethereum2. The ultimate goal for a block builder is to build the highest-value block that it can. To do this, it needs to build from high-value transactions. The combined value of MEV opportunities at any point in time will in general outweigh any delta that could be obtained by smart block building algorithms, so access to a high-value transaction pool will be the defining advantage for block builders. The only logical choice is to send it to the single builder that already has the highest-value transaction pool. And as searchers are financially driven, they are all likely to make the same choice.

This appears to create a positive feedback situation, leading to the end result of a single large high-value transaction pool, and a single major builder. Smaller transaction pools may survive if backed by validators willing to sacrifice financial rewards for some other value, however for validators that are monetarily-driven they will end up taking the block from the single major builder.

OpenMEV is built and operated by Manifold Finance. We are working towards the goal of creating a credibly neutral block builder such that there won't be a single major builder that will threaten consensus on-chain.

"...that it is not just neutrality that is required here, it is credible neutrality. That is, it is not just enough for a mechanism to not be designed to favor specific people or outcomes over others; it’s also crucially important for a mechanism to be able to convince a large and diverse group of people that the mechanism at least makes that basic effort to be fair."

This ethos is at the heart of OpenMEV. Part of establishing credible neutrality is having a clear and comprehensive rulebook that regulates off-chain behavior and activities. Our assumption concerning governance is that methods and processes that work in legacy markets may not be applicable in adversarial environments such as permissionless blockchains. With that understanding it is important not to rely soley on such systems and mechanics long term.

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