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March 2022 Report

March 2022 update


4 min readChangelog
  • SecureRPC has now started accepting bundles from external parties. These are not bundles for OpenMEV, rather these are external searchers sending bundles through our base RPC infrastructure (SecureRPC is what this is called). Submitting transactions through this does not get processed through OpenMEV arbitrage logic: it gets sent to multiple aggregated downstream endpoints including Eden Network, Flashbots, Ethermine, etc.

  • Improvements to the OpenMEV integration are pending approval for Sushiswap: see

  • New SDK that is completely re-written in a functional-style approach is being planned see preliminary outline at

This next release includes the following breaking changes.

  • OpenMEV Integration for Sushiswap will be changed going forward to 'Sushi Guard'. OpenMEV continues to be the underlying platform for this. Protocol integrations are encouraged to brand the solution to make it relevant and consistent with their branding identity.

  • Support for eth_sendPrivateTransaction is slated for the next release of SecureRPC/OpenMEV

  • Support for eth_sendMevBlock is slated for the next release of OpenMEV

  • Transaction States are now classified under the following scheme - UNCHECKED -> Tx status has not been checked and there's no information about it. - PROCESSING -> Tx checks are in place until a resolution happens: OK, INDETERMINATE, ERROR. - OK -> Relay received the Tx && all downstream miners accepted without complains && tx mined successfully - INDETERMINATE -> Relay received correctly the Tx && at least one miner accepted the TX && TX potentially mineable - ERROR -> Relay haven't received the TX || none of the miners accepted the Tx || Tx was not mined successfully see more at

Fair amount of sandwiches made it on-chain over the weekend

  • We are hitting nonce collisions for multiple bundles per block (good problem)

  • Multi DEX arbitrage are now being submitted. We are investigating if they were all relayed as there seems to be no signed bundle topic

  • Filling now and the new relayed_v2 topic now passing our simulator.

  • You can track the account now at this address

NOTE: This does not yet utilize the new OpenMEV Router contract, we expect testing this weekend to start in earnest

NOTE: Addresses will be changing soon, we will maintain the list of addresses through our new ChainLog service which is being tested now on Goerli test network. ee

  • Finalized ETH2 Network Topology

attnets attribute is a property of SSZ ENR

This crawls the devp2p layer, until it finds a node with attnets attribute. This indicates that it found a node which is alive and there is an attnets attribute in its ENR. In addition, we record the value of the attnets attribute. The value of the attnets attribute is a bitvector showing what subnet the node is subscribed to. We look for a the distribution of numbers of nodes to attnets they are subscribed to, to get the number of nodes subscribed to the subnet as % of all alive nodes as recorded in scanning. This in essence provides us with the intersection of most reliable Eth2 Validators for connectivity.

  • EIP-4626: Tokenized Vault Standard is moved to Final in the Ethereum Improvement Proposal process. This means its now recognized as a standard. This standard is key as it will enable trading of your staked position/hedging of lent assets.

  • GitHub Statics Overview can now be found on the main page for our organization. Below is an example.

We're grateful for everyone who contributed and provided feedback along the way.

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